ZenWatch & VivoWatch by ASUS

September 2014, IFA, Berlin ... the time, the event, the place, long time awaited moment when one of the top technology manufacturers shows it Android smartwatch concept has came up there ... and the product, ASUS smartwatch, named ZenWatch.


ASUS ZenWatch was introduced under product label WI500Q and they are in luxury design made with premium and high quality materials with leather strap. After the first look it's clear that ZenWatch is not a teenager made and that its target customers will be among managers and adult people.

WI500Q and following models are equiped with the latest smartwatch technologies like sensors, Bluetooth, Amoled display, Gorilla Glass and many others.

ZenWatch by Asus


This Asus smartwatch model is particulary designed for health monitoring and fitness. Battery life time and watch layout are optimized to its purpouse, but still keeping elegant design. Also functions and sensors equipment are outstanding. Above usual gyro-sensors is VivoWatch equiped with EEG and PPG sensors. And as we are used that with ASUS there is always something more ... ZenWatch and VivoWatch is not an exception !

VivoWatch by Asus

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